Sunday, March 28, 2010

Wedding Story Peek: Minda and Erik

Hello, My name is Ashley and I am addicted to my blackberry.

Ok, I am not one of those people that sits around just staring at it, playing games, surfing the web. BUT I am one of those people that as soon as I hear that notification or vibration go off I HAVE to check it. Have to. I use my phone as the alarm that I wake up to- when I see those emails sitting in my inbox it motivates me to get out of the bed and get moving! This morning I woke up and there was the best email from Erik, the groom from the wedding we shot yesterday. I had met Minda, the bride, during her bridal portrait session and through lots of emails, but had not met Erik till the wedding day. Minda and Erik had a gorgeous day and a rocking party to close out the evening. I get this email from Erik, timestamped 5:00am this morning....

"I cannot sleep :) We had the absolute best day. One of the main reasons is the fact that you made the process of taking pictures so easy. Each of you were creative and energetic. We don't have to wait to see what you captured to know we will have a wonderful retrospective of this once in a lifetime moment. Hopefully the fact I acted a fool and allowed my hip-hop dancing personality to reveal itself equalled to fantastic memories and allowed each of you to enjoy the wedding and reception.

Thank you Ashley and David for making our wedding day everything we wanted it to be and more If you need a recommendation do not hesitate to ask either of us. Good luck with your future events and we can not wait to see what was captured.

Erik and Minda"

Minda and Erik. These people are the best. Seriously I know I've said it before but somehow we end up getting to work with the sweetest people ever! This week you will get to see Minda's bridal portrait and their wedding highlighted on the blog... but I just had to leave you with a little something :)

Erik "actin' a fool"-- trust me, this was at the beginning of the dancing portion
of the evening- it gets better and better as the night went on :)

NAS_0900 copy


NAS_9821 copy


Peggy said...

Such a fun wedding! Lots of laughter. So happy to have been a part of their wedding celebration!

bbmongoose said...

I am so anxious to see All the photos you took, along with the video!! I'm dying to see all of Erik's dancing! See,I'm his Mom & his Dad I had never seen him dance like that! We of course knew his love for rap music,hip-hop,but we were blown away with his talents at the reception!! Thanks for doing such a fantastic job of capturing their moment for us to relive! Sincerely, Robin W. Griffin