Friday, April 30, 2010

Wedding Story: Erin and Andrew

Once again the forecast was calling for massive storms and downpour-- we were all a little worried. Erin and Andrew were going to have a first see in the courtyard of the American Tobacco District in downtown Durham, right outside of their venue, Bay 7. I LOVE shooting in and around Bay 7 so I was really hoping that the rain waited until we were finished outside.

Lo and behold the rain held off awhile and we got to be outside! As you will see, I was crazy about Erin and Andrew's style--- not to mention they were so easy and fun to work with. The lineup of vendors for this event was amazing as well! Sally of An Elegant Affair worked so hard all night long- everything and everyone was well taken care of. We were also excited to finally get to work with Jill of All the Right Grooves-- she is an amazing DJ that goes above and beyond. So basically I was a happy girl :)


Sisters. :)

NAS_4277 copy

NAS_4270 copy

Handsome Men.
David and I both get GIDDY at this location... can you blame us?!

DRT_6108 copy

DRT_6138 copy

DRT_6156 copy

DRT_6126 copy

DRT_6186 copy

You know I love a sweet first see moment :)


DRT_6259 copy

NAS_4551 copy


NAS_4653 copy

NAS_4783 copy

NAS_4715 copy

NAS_4934 copy

NAS_5162 copy

NAS_5212 copy

NAS_5257 copy

NAS_5081 copy

NAS_5283 copy

NAS_5499 copy

NAS_5560 copy

NAS_5610 copy

DRT_6875 copy

NAS_5691 copy

The food was YUMMY!


NAS_5807 copy

NAS_5757 copy

I most def twittered that I was loving the candy table... heeheehee.

NAS_6057 copy

NAS_6043 copy

NAS_6131 copy

I have observed that there are several ways to tell whether a reception party will be rockin'.
One strong indicator is if there are guys dancing their hearts out.

DRT_7640 copy

DRT_7608 copy


Secure men lead others in a Miley Cyrus song. Duh.

DRT_7968 copy

The ladies didn't disappoint either.

NAS_7299 copy

NAS_7372 copy

Eventually the rains came... but at that point it didn't matter.
The night was a success!

NAS_7428 copy

Erin and Andrew: Your day was beautiful in SO many different ways- what an honor to be able to document it for you guys to enjoy for years and years to come. Thank you for being so easy to work with. We hope the honeymoon was FABULOUS!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Family Story: James on the Beach

It felt so good to be out on the beach! The James family was so fun to run around in the sand with. Ava was a complete ham-- I could have eaten her UP! The weather was gorgeous and the light a yummy golden color. I could not have asked for a better shooting situation :)

NAS_3209 copy

NAS_3306 copy

NAS_3320 copy

The best moments can be captured when you just let kids do their own thing...

NAS_3339 copy

... this makes ME want to lay in the sand.

NAS_3417 copy

NAS_3465 copy

NAS_3510 copy

NAS_3526 copy

NAS_3537 copy

NAS_3572 copy

I did not set this up- apparently Ava has taken pictures with her parents like this before.
How freakin' cute is she?!

NAS_3600 copy

NAS_3669 copy

NAS_3724 copy

NAS_3672 copy

NAS_3776 copy

These next four shots of Chuck and Catherine are straight out of camera...
the light was SO YUMMY

NAS_3762 copy


NAS_3804 copy

Catherine is a blog follower and she wanted to get some ring shots.
You know I was TOTALLY ok with that!!

NAS_3828 copy

NAS_3838 copy

NAS_3849 copy

NAS_3858 copy

NAS_3863 copy

NAS_3899 copy

NAS_3903 copy

And this is when Ava took over and started doing the cutest poses all on her own...

NAS_3910 copy

NAS_3924 copy

NAS_3954 copy

NAS_3967 copy

NAS_4110 copy

NAS_4193 copy

NAS_4200 copy

James Family: I had a BLAST with you guys on the beach! I can't wait to do it again :) Ava is so easy to work with and HELLO has such an inner diva that is dying to get out!