Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bridal Story: Kara

I love living in Raleigh for so many reasons, business and personal. I could shoot in this city for the rest of my life and still find new spots as the city evolves and grows-- there is so much variety!

Kara's fiancé's Mom works at Peace College and made it so easy for us to shoot there. I had driven by the campus countless times on my way in and out of downtown but had never had a reason to stop by. The campus is gorgeous and full of history. Kara is one of those girls who LOVED being a bride and totally made a stunning bride-- SO not hard to work with :)

We shot Kara and Matt's wedding yesterday so I can share with you a few images from her gorgeous bridal shoot... come back soon to see highlights from her wedding!

KaraNBridal-4 copy

KaraNBridal-11 copy

KaraNBridal-18 copy

KaraNBridal-32 copy

KaraNBridal-35 copy

KaraNBridal-41 copy

KaraNBridal-47 copy

KaraNBridal-63 copy

KaraNBridal-65 copy

KaraNBridal-69 copy

KaraNBridal-86 copy

KaraNBridal-102 copy

KaraNBridal-119 copy

KaraNBridal-121 copy

KaraNBridal-136 copy

KaraNBridal-140 copy

KaraNBridal-147 copy

KaraNBridal-158 copy

KaraNBridal-160 copy

KaraNBridal-163 copy

KaraNBridal-165 copy

KaraNBridal-171 copy

KaraNBridal-173 copy


Leah said...

Beautiful bride, beautiful dress & beautiful pictures! :)
My favorites are the ones on the stairs & the one with the big mirror reflection. Perfect. :)

Kathryn said...

Love me some Peace are gorgeous. I had my bridal portrait done at Peace too. The grounds are beautiful. It was fun to see and know where the photos were taken...Kara is a beautiful bride! Can't wait to see photos from the wedding.

lauren said...

oooh la la! i love the big window pics at the end!!!