Thursday, April 15, 2010

Engagement Story: Alexis and Tyler, Part One

I love to travel so I was psyched to put together a weekend in DC in the spring. The original purpose of this trip I cannot share with you until NOVEMBER, as it is a beautiful bridal portrait. However I can TOTALLY share the other shoot with you- YAY!

Tyler is one of those people that I grew up with at church- we saw each other in all our awkward middle school glory and in our narcissistic high school seasons. Yikes! Somehow we made it through intact and now Tyler is engaged! Alexis is SUCH a sweet girl and I am so happy that she and Tyler found each other when they were both students at FSU. They will be getting married in the Raleigh/Durham area next spring, but decided to take their engagement session up north where Alexis is from.

We were going to be shooting during the last weekend of the Cherry Blossom Festival so we knew we were going to be up against some serious crowds. Sadly most of the cherry blossoms had blown off the trees in a storm a few nights before.... our consolation prize was the gorgeous weather we got I suppose.

Let's just get it out of the way-- Alexis is gorgeous and knew how to work it. Love that.

NAS_7216 copy

Tyler can work it too.

NAS_7219 copy

NAS_7288 copy

NAS_7324 copy

NAS_7349 copy

While we were shooting in this next dreamy spot, a group of people walked up to us because they thought they had actually found a tree with cherry blossoms. Wrong tree.

NAS_7493 copy

NAS_7474 copy

NAS_7529 copy

NAS_7543 copy

NAS_7562 copy

We headed over to Georgetown- super precious over there.

NAS_7591 copy

NAS_7619 copy

We found two cherry blossom trees that still were pink--
how much do you love them matching this scene!?

NAS_7622 copy

NAS_7727 copy

NAS_7759 copy

A kiss gone bad- it happens to everyone, right?

NAS_7763 copy

NAS_7795 copy

NAS_7853 copy

NAS_7873 copy

When I was little dandelions (aka blow-flowers) were my fave. I was devastated to find out that they were annoying weeds to the grownups in my world...

NAS_7874 copy

NAS_7876 copy

... they are sodarn fun!

NAS_7880 copy

Check back to see part two of Tyler and Alexis' shoot in her home town, Annapolis!

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