Friday, April 16, 2010

Engagement Story: Alexis and Tyler, Part Two

Last Sunday I woke up and drove from DC to Annapolis all giddy about what I had heard about this town. Everyone I told that we were doing the second part of Tyler and Alexis' shoot in Annapolis got so excited and told me I would adore it. Well friends, it is PRECIOUS. If David had traveled with me I would have insisted we stuck around for the day to bask in the adorableness of this water town. I am a lover of water and be a sucker for cute places with water access. Annapolis also has this historic, classic flavor to it's character. Sigh. I liked it.

Tyler and Alexis were rockin' their wedding colors
and it SO worked with the city's character.


NAS_7967 copy

NAS_7973 copy

NAS_7991 copy

NAS_7997 copy

The capitol building was gorgeous-- don't forget that the nation's capitol was temporarily moved to Annapolis for a year.

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NAS_8064 copy

NAS_8083 copy

NAS_8053 copy

Our favorite game while walking around-
which house would we LOVE to live in.

NAS_8169 copy

NAS_8126 copy

NAS_8206 copy

NAS_8225 copy

NAS_8231 copy

NAS_8288 copy

These next three make me happy.

NAS_8294 copy

NAS_8298 copy

NAS_8302 copy

NAS_8341 copy

NAS_8365 copy

NAS_8381 copy

Tyler and Alexis: What an adventure! I am so glad I got to travel around with you guys... it was hard work but I loved every minute! Whew- May 2011 is a year away but will be here before we know it :)

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Alta said...

Absolutely beautiful, and what fun they must have had. Congrats Tyler!