Friday, April 23, 2010

Engagement Story: Dawn and Carl

When I first met Dawn and Carl I knew we had hit it off immediately! They were just so sweet and down to earth. I was thrilled when they decided to book with us :)

These two had a great plan for the shoot... we started out at my favorite bowling alley in Raleigh, which is where they their third date. Dawn said this was the date that Carl really turned up the heat with the flirting and she knew that they could be serious. I love it!

NAS_2167 copy

After playing half a game we decided to hang out
near their wedding date: 10-23-10.

NAS_2197 copy

NAS_2217 copy

NAS_2233 copy

NAS_2251 copy

NAS_2273 copy

NAS_2294 copy

NAS_2310 copy

NAS_2314 copy

NAS_2352 copy

NAS_2374 copy

NAS_2381 copy

Then we headed down the street to celebrate
Dawn and Carl being part of the Wolfpack!

NAS_2431 copy

NAS_2445 copy

NAS_2451 copy

Then we hit a few spots downtown...

NAS_2577 copy

NAS_2709 copy

NAS_2724 copy

NAS_2753 copy

NAS_2761 copy

NAS_2825 copy

NAS_2844 copy

Dawn wanted to get some laying in grass pictures and what better place to find perfect grass than at NC State (hello! Turf management degree). This has become a blog lover favorite pose... and you know me, I'm a happy woman when people offer to do crazy stuff like this!

NAS_2988 copy

NAS_3012 copy

NAS_3039 copy


NAS_3078 copy

NAS_3084 copy

NAS_3094 copy

NAS_3122 copy

Dawn and Carl: I had the best time riding around Raleigh with you two! You are just so loving and sweet-- I can't wait to see how full of love your wedding day will be!!


Krista said...

What awesome pictures!! Love them!

the.indie.image said...

these are super cute and bright and happy!