Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Engagement Story: Melinda and Mike

I am just going to admit it up front- I squealed during this shoot. I was loving it! Sure, we really like Mike and Melinda and we are thrilled to be their photographers. But what really got me going was their plan for the shoot. Every couple has varying involvement with planning the locations for their engagement shoot, and I love that. Mike and Melinda came armed with a REALLY awesome plan, awesome style and awesome attitude. And then I squealed.

**Usually I shoot engagements on my own but I was excited to have David along with me for this shoot-- he did some FABULOUS work as always- I like him.**

NAS_5193 copy


DRT_3500 copy

DRT_3549 copy

DRT_3590 copy

NAS_5257 copy

DRT_3660 copy

DRT_3746 copy

DRT_3753 copy

NAS_5374 copy

NAS_5384 copy

NAS_5404 copy

DRT_3709 copy


NAS_5516 copy

NAS_5597 copy

NAS_5653 copy

NAS_5707 copy

NAS_5755 copy

DRT_3844 copy

NAS_5890 copy

NAS_5905 copy

NAS_6032 copy

First date and engagement spot= Helios

NAS_6069 copy

DRT_3914 copy

NAS_6105 copy

NAS_6143 copy

NAS_6194 copy

NAS_6335 copy

NAS_6432 copy

Mike and Melinda: After getting you two in front of the camera we cannot WAIT to shoot your wedding! Melinda you are stunning. Mike you are such a good sport. Thanks for the squeals!


Leah said...

LOVELOVELOVE! :D Love the pictures, love the couple, love you & David! :)

Will Pearce said...

Melinda's Mom and Dad likee.

blogger said...

so yummy! Great job Ashley and David.

michelle said...

OH MY GOSH, I'm crying right now at work. Great job Ashley and David, these are just gorgeous :)

Mary said...

I would have squealed too!!! Nice always :)

the.indie.image said...

lovely lovely! The ones in the water are my favorite i think:-)


Terry-Michael said...

Do you have a time machine for Kim and me? Wishing I knew you in the earlier life. Beautiful.

the.indie.image said...

haha i just looked at these again and thought... i should really comment because they are so pretty. then i realized I already had. oh well. Doubley nice:-)