Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Family Story: James on the Beach

It felt so good to be out on the beach! The James family was so fun to run around in the sand with. Ava was a complete ham-- I could have eaten her UP! The weather was gorgeous and the light a yummy golden color. I could not have asked for a better shooting situation :)

NAS_3209 copy

NAS_3306 copy

NAS_3320 copy

The best moments can be captured when you just let kids do their own thing...

NAS_3339 copy

... this makes ME want to lay in the sand.

NAS_3417 copy

NAS_3465 copy

NAS_3510 copy

NAS_3526 copy

NAS_3537 copy

NAS_3572 copy

I did not set this up- apparently Ava has taken pictures with her parents like this before.
How freakin' cute is she?!

NAS_3600 copy

NAS_3669 copy

NAS_3724 copy

NAS_3672 copy

NAS_3776 copy

These next four shots of Chuck and Catherine are straight out of camera...
the light was SO YUMMY

NAS_3762 copy


NAS_3804 copy

Catherine is a blog follower and she wanted to get some ring shots.
You know I was TOTALLY ok with that!!

NAS_3828 copy

NAS_3838 copy

NAS_3849 copy

NAS_3858 copy

NAS_3863 copy

NAS_3899 copy

NAS_3903 copy

And this is when Ava took over and started doing the cutest poses all on her own...

NAS_3910 copy

NAS_3924 copy

NAS_3954 copy

NAS_3967 copy

NAS_4110 copy

NAS_4193 copy

NAS_4200 copy

James Family: I had a BLAST with you guys on the beach! I can't wait to do it again :) Ava is so easy to work with and HELLO has such an inner diva that is dying to get out!

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Catherine James said...

We are so fortunate to have your talents tell our story! Thank you so much! They are amazing, as always!