Monday, April 5, 2010

Maternity Story: Ashley and Charles

I first met Ashley and Charles at their engagement shoot four-ish years ago. Four-ish years ago we did not have website or a blog- there was no such thing as a facebook page. Four years ago I thought that I would do photography as a side thing, nothing serious, not knowing how things would change for me in the coming year. Now David and I are both full time and loving it. Now it seems obvious that all along this is what I would be doing right now. I must not have done too bad of a job four years ago because now Ashley and Charles are pregnant and they invited me to tell this phase of their story :)

Current family portrait...

NAS_1716 copy

NAS_1773 copy

NAS_1809 copy

NAS_1802 copy

NAS_1853 copy

NAS_1880 copy

NAS_1909 copy

Who doesn't love to lay on a comfy baby blanket?

NAS_1972 copy

Per Ashley's Mom's request, a sweet pink bow.

NAS_1987 copy

NAS_2001 copy

Charles' father passed away before he knew they were pregnant- this quilt is made of fabric from some of his shirts. I love that it will be the catalyst for stories about her grandfather.

NAS_2033 copy

NAS_2067 copy

Ashley said they were up for anything...
don't tell me that. I might get out of control :)

NAS_2121 copy

NAS_2125 copy

NAS_2114 copy

NAS_2143 copy

NAS_2144 copy

NAS_2180 copy

NAS_2172 copy

Charles got stuck with the dog that misbehaved... and got stinky.

NAS_2195 copy

I wonder if these first babies know what's about to hit
them when Gracyn comes into the world...

NAS_2214 copy

NAS_2229 copy

Ashley and Charles- I can't wait to meet Gracyn and continue to watch your family grow!


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