Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Maternity Story: Christa and Brad

Two days in a row I got to hang out with glowing, happy pregnant women and their sweet husbands- I am a lucky lady. Christa and Brad found us through Christa's co-worker, Heather. I think Heather and Christa look like they could be sisters- don't you?

Christa did an awesome job describing her and Brad's interests and personalities to me and a plan easily fell into place- they are Raleigh people who enjoy downtown but also enjoy nature. Plus Christa loves her truck and Brad loves guitars-- all great things to work with!

They said that this pose was similar to one they did in their engagement shoot...
except this one is a little different with the whole third party and all ;)

NAS_2302 copy

NAS_2324 copy

NAS_2343 copy

It's a boy...

NAS_2360 copy

Brad not only plays guitar, he is also in the process of building a guitar!

NAS_2406 copy

NAS_2460 copy

NAS_2496 copy

NAS_2512 copy

NAS_2533 copy

NAS_2576 copy

NAS_2633 copy

Had Lara not mentioned this spot to me, I would never have gone looking for it.
Isn't it yummy with all those flowering trees?!
It was surrounded by lots of busy streets but it seemed like a peaceful oasis.

NAS_2673 copy

NAS_2656 copy

NAS_2707 copy

NAS_2799 copy

NAS_2817 copy

NAS_2835 copy

NAS_2885 copy

NAS_3012 copy

NAS_3057 copy

NAS_3087 copy

NAS_3146 copy

We laughed that this wall would help dwarf the size of Chrita's baby bump.

NAS_3176 copy

NAS_3225 copy


Leah said...

I love these. They're beautiful. & I'm not even a baby-crazy girl! haha. :)

Hilary said...

Really, really beautiful pictures