Monday, May 31, 2010

Engagement Story: Lara and Ben

Let me just say that I had a super hard time trying to narrow down the images to choose for this post because Lara and Ben are JUST THAT CUTE. They came to me with an awesome list of ideas for their shoot that was full of meaning and symbolism for them. I LOVE that! These two also have a great sense of style so that CERTAINLY helped!!

We started at Lara's place...

NAS_0603 copy

NAS_0570 copy

NAS_0582 copy

NAS_0622 copy

Lara and Ben are using birds and tulips in their wedding decor and both hold significance in their relationship... and they show up throughout the shoot :)

NAS_0661 copy

NAS_0777 copy

NAS_0796 copy

NAS_0822 copy

NAS_0862 copy

NAS_0933 copy

NAS_0991 copy

NAS_0997 copy

NAS_1006 copy

NAS_1035 copy

NAS_1058 copy

NAS_1125 copy

NAS_1133 copy

NAS_1143 copy

The colors happening here are so yummy!
And so are the lovely moments between these two :)

NAS_1197 copy

NAS_1193 copy

NAS_1214 copy

NAS_1226 copy

NAS_1237 copy

We raced to capture the last moments of light
and I love the mood it adds to these images...

NAS_1318 copy

NAS_1314 copy

NAS_1328 copy


Taking a moment at one of their main hang out spots...

NAS_1457 copy

NAS_1504 copy

NAS_1506 copy

NAS_1546 copy

NAS_1556 copy

NAS_1649 copy

NAS_1695 copy

NAS_1749 copy

NAS_1696 copy

...walking back to Lara's...

NAS_1864 copy

Lara and Ben: I had SUCH an awesome time learning more about your love story as we went through the shoot. I have no doubt that we are going to have the best time shooting your wedding day!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Theater Story: Gracie

Gracie is a super sweet, super special lady that is getting into theater! She has done a few shows at school and is about to participate as an orphan in her first community theater performance of Annie! Gracie was so delightful to work with - whenever I would tell her how well she was doing, she would tell me that was because I was such a good photographer. LOVE HER! :)

GracieD_001 copy

GracieD_005 copy

GracieD_007 copy

GracieD_010 copy

GracieD_017 copy

GracieD_021 copy

GracieD_022 copy

GracieD_030 copy

GracieD_031 copy

GracieD_035 copy

GracieD_040 copy

GracieD_042 copy

GracieD_051 copy

GracieD_059 copy

GracieD_065 copy

GracieD_064 copy

GracieD_070 copy