Sunday, May 30, 2010

Bridal Story: Kelly

I am so excited to finally get to share with you some of the bridal shoots that I have had to keep secret for awhile! Kelly got married yesterday so I can share with you how gorgeous she looked!

We shot the bridal at the Graylyn Estate in Winston Salem, which is where Kelly got ready yesterday and where the reception was held. This place is GORGEOUS-- it is impossible to get bored shooting there.

I loved Kelly's style- simple yet not understated. So classy and truly showcases KELLY... not Kelly showcasing the dress (JCrew bridal dresses are perfect for this-- my dress was from there also!).

KellyBridal-3 copy

KellyBridal-1 copy

KellyBridal-28 copy

KellyBridal-31 copy

KellyBridal-8 copy

KellyBridal-18 copy

KellyBridal-19 copy

KellyBridal-16 copy

KellyBridal-33 copy

KellyBridal-34 copy

KellyBridal-37 copy

KellyBridal-42 copy

KellyBridal-43 copy

KellyBridal-45 copy

KellyBridal-52 copy

KellyBridal-54 copy

KellyBridal-56 copy

KellyBridal-59 copy

KellyBridal-63 copy

KellyBridal-64 copy

KellyBridal-71 copy

KellyBridal-69 copy

KellyBridal-74 copy

KellyBridal-81 copy

KellyBridal-83 copy

KellyBridal-88 copy

KellyBridal-90 copy

KellyBridal-94 copy

KellyBridal-96 copy

KellyBridal-100 copy

KellyBridal-105 copy

KellyBridal-115 copy

KellyBridal-122 copy

KellyBridal-124 copy

KellyBridal-126 copy

KellyBridal-131 copy

KellyBridal-132 copy

Check back soon to see JUST how gorgeous her wedding day was!!

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