Monday, May 10, 2010

Celebration Story: NCMA Staff Party

If you have not booked a venue for your ceremony and/or reception yet, pay attention to this post! And if you have already booked those things that it is ok, stick with me :)

David and I were SUPER thrilled to get the invite to shoot the staff party in the new wing of the North Carolina Art Museum. We live close to this museum and every time we drove by we would talk about how curious we were about the new building. The staff had a party to celebrate the new space the week before the main festivities for the public began. David and I were totally enchanted by this space... it is FILLED with tons of beautiful natural light, breathtaking art and plenty of space to take it all in. They are renting the place out for weddings and other events-- I would LOVE to get to shoot there again. Just stunning. You should book your event there then call me :)

NAS_8391 copy



NAS_8445 copy

I could not take my eyes off the three figures of
Jaume Plensa's "Doors of Jerusalem I, II, III"

DRT_3941 copy

DRT_4010 copy

When you get to visit the new space you MUST make a day of it and grab a meal at the museum's new restaurant, Iris.

NAS_8571 copy

NAS_8623 copy

NAS_8621 copy

NAS_8439 copy

DRT_4142 copy

DRT_4082 copy

DRT_4092 copy

DRT_4107 copy

DRT_4146 copy

NAS_8553 copy

NAS_8612 copy

NAS_8586 copy

NAS_8674 copy

NAS_8690 copy

It was awesome to get to hear the remarks from "those in charge" about the process of building the new museum wing and all the hard work that went into it.
It is always good to be aware of the hard work put into a final product like that.
I was surrounded by the many minds and hands behind the new wing.

NAS_8758 copy

NAS_8771 copy

NAS_8783 copy

DRT_4190 copy

And then it was time to REALLY celebrate :)

NAS_8988 copy

NAS_9004 copy

The youngest party-er in attendance got lots of love and attention...

NAS_9045 copy

DRT_4462 copy

NAS_9093 copy

I was happy to give the staff photographer the night off--
I think she enjoyed herself :)


NAS_9138 copy

NAS_9202 copy

DRT_4388 copy

NAS_9210 copy

NAS_9226 copy

NAS_8857 copy

Go check out the new wing of the museum!!


Jennifer Wong said...

wow girl! what an awesome gig! i <3 the nc museum and the new wing looks amazing! your photos make the place even more beautiful, i'm sure!!

Heather Marks said...

Hey David and Ashley, Im getting married April 16th 2011 and would like to get some information on your wedding prices. You guys did one of my friend's wedding Mandy and Paul Flannery and their pics were awesome.. I actually went to school with David at JHS.. If you can contact me by email

Heather Marks