Thursday, May 20, 2010

Personal Story: I was a Bridesmaid!

This past weekend I GOT TO BE A BRIDESMAID! This is rare- typically when we are involved with our friends weddings we are shooting them. We LOVE getting to shoot our friend's weddings since it insures we will get to be there and it's always a blast getting to work with people you know well. David and I have had a few exceptions for our closest friends, people that wanted us to be in their wedding party, and what an honor that is.

Here is Hallie and I at my wedding almost 4 years ago (four years?!)!
Thanks Rebecca for this picture :)

AS103 copy

Hallie and Drew's wedding weekend in the mountains was just beautiful-- it was filled with gorgeous venues, views, yummy food, fun dancing and hilarious friends & family. These people are loved! These pictures I am about to share with you are from THREE different cameras- my point&shoot, my D300 and another bridesmaids D60... so please excuse any red-eye or funkiness. I didn't take many of the following images so no judgement please! You can see more on my Facebook page...

We kicked off the weekend at the bridesmaid tea at the Azalea Inn-- so cute!
Me and the bride... ((Like my hat April?!))

IMG_1057b copy

I first laid eyes on the Eagles Nest amphitheater at the rehearsal.
Someone PLEASE get married here so we can shoot here?!

IMG_1064b copy

Hallie and I are often told we look alike...

IMG_1060b copy

Got to hang out with several high school friends :)

IMG_1068b copy

The big day! About to get the bride into her dress so she can marry her best friend!

IMG_1092 copy

The tears started coming so luckily Hallie's bridesman, Alan, started telling funny stories.

NAS_3418 copy

Post Ceremony! David sang a beautiful song during the ceremony. I like him.

NAS_3425 copy 1

And look how happy we are with food in front of us!
The reception (and rehearsal dinner) were held at Archers Inn -- fabulous view, good food, great space. The family and wedding party also stayed there all weekend.

IMG_1100 copy

Long story: I ended up having to do a little shooting at the reception after the photographer left. I could NOT leave one of my best friends hanging... I pack some equipment just in case.
A very sweet dance with her Dad...

NAS_3466 copy

NAS_3503 copy

The pass off to Drew...

NAS_3559 copy

NAS_3652b copy

NAS_3645 copy

NAS_3624b copy

NAS_3684 copy


NAS_3915 copy

Thanks Cam for grabbing this while we get ready for the toss.

ry=480-8 copy

IMG_1124 copy

I have known this woman since we were in preschool.
You dont even want to KNOW the stories we have on eachother.

IMG_1125 copy

David and I LOVE to dance. There are times at receptions we are shooting that we are just ITCHING to get out there and party. Glad we got to move some at this one (again, more dancing photos on Facebook).

ry=480-14 copy

ry=480-12 copy

AND good night.

NAS_4096 copy


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