Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Personal Story: Mothers Day Weekend

You might have heard on Facebook- we just reached 100,000 hits here on the blog! Blows me away that people stop by this blog and witness with us all the beautiful stories that we get to be a part of. I don't want to speak too soon but just know that the look of things around here is due for a change and that change is underway! Eeeee! Sometimes it's exciting to grow up.

This past weekend David and I were able to relax and spend time with BOTH of our families. After a bridal shoot for me and an acoustic show for David, we headed to the beach early Saturday morning to spend time with my Mom and sister. We have been working on the Stephenson beach condo to start renting it so it was nice to also get to relax on the beach. I am working on a project for art to display in the condo... here are some things I am playing around with...

NAS_3255 copy

NAS_3327 copy

NAS_3216 copy

NAS_3219b copy

NAS_3289 copy

NAS_3292 copy

NAS_3275 copy

Saturday night we headed to our current favorite restaurant on our lil part of the coast and ate some YUMMY food together. I cannot begin to describe how much we had to celebrate in my Mom on Mother's Day. What she has overcome the past year and a half is HUGE-- not just anyone could come out like she has.
I am so proud of her.
So here I am with the three most important people in my life:
(Amanda, me, Mom)

IMG_1036 copy

I will claim that [hot] guy as my husband.

IMG_1042 copy

Sunday we spent some more time on the beach because it was SO beautiful out. David and I packed our stuff up and headed to Jacksonville to a fish fry at his Aunt's house to celebrate all the mom's on David's Mom's side of the family. It was another good time full of yummy food and honoring the ladies that keep the family strong. Our goal was to get a picture with David's Mom and his brothers but due to work schedules we will have to grab it another time. In it's place I instead have a picture full of Teeter brothers (a gift to their Mom) to show instead:
(Jon, Chris, and David)

NAS_3364 copy

Recently I am reminded by other photographer's that it is so important to keep documenting your own personal life. I get so wrapped up in telling other people's stories that I forget why I started loving this job in the first place--telling my OWN family and friend's stories. Tomorrow, even our next minute, is not promised to us and it is our responsibility to provide clues about our stories for those who loves us and those that will look back to us as history.

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