Sunday, May 30, 2010

Theater Story: Gracie

Gracie is a super sweet, super special lady that is getting into theater! She has done a few shows at school and is about to participate as an orphan in her first community theater performance of Annie! Gracie was so delightful to work with - whenever I would tell her how well she was doing, she would tell me that was because I was such a good photographer. LOVE HER! :)

GracieD_001 copy

GracieD_005 copy

GracieD_007 copy

GracieD_010 copy

GracieD_017 copy

GracieD_021 copy

GracieD_022 copy

GracieD_030 copy

GracieD_031 copy

GracieD_035 copy

GracieD_040 copy

GracieD_042 copy

GracieD_051 copy

GracieD_059 copy

GracieD_065 copy

GracieD_064 copy

GracieD_070 copy

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