Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wedding Story: Candace and Brandon

I met Candace and Brandon at a funeral. And the sweet mutual friend that we were there to support connected his wedding photographer friend with his recently engaged friends... in the parking lot... of the funeral! I was all "we dont have to do this HERE and we dont have to talk about this RIGHT NOW". This is the kind of crazy good friends I have. Turns out we were an awesome match :)! I had an awesome time with these two at their engagement shoot and we had the BEST at their wedding!!

The wedding day festivities were held at the new Pavilion at Angus Barn. This place is unique and fun and versatile. The staff was SO very friendly and helpful (shout out to Ashley-she was awesome!) and I cannot wait to shoot there again.

I was SO crazy about the room that the bride/bridesmaids get ready in.
Really I could have done the whole day in this ONE ROOM.


NAS_4697 copy


NAS_4622 copy

NAS_5045 copy

NAS_5043 copy

I hear the boys room was cool too...

DRT_9398 copy

DRT_9531 copy

DRT_9548 copy

DRT_9596 copy

DRT_9591 copy

DRT_9609 copy

NAS_4848 copy

NAS_4939 copy

DRT_9704 copy

Groomsmen, mothers and grandmothers (and the groom!) ready to process...

DRT_9855 copy

The storm rolled in fast...

NAS_5137 copy

NAS_5201 copy

The rains came... and they came in buckets!
Everyone stayed in good spirits and ran for cover...
and the ceremony kept rolling!


NAS_5365 copy

NAS_5377 copy


NAS_5391 copy

NAS_6072 copy

NAS_6283 copy

DRT_0116 copy

DRT_0327 copy

NAS_5828 copy

NAS_5842 copy


Jim from Joe Bunn DJs kept the party movin'!

NAS_6496 copy

NAS_6607 copy

DRT_0833 copy


DRT_0854 copy

NAS_6865 copy

DRT_0537 copy

NAS_7381 copy

NAS_7153 copy


DRT_1025 copy

...they're off!

DRT_1034 copy

NAS_7450 copy

Candace and Brandon: You two are the best sports EVER! You smiled through the rain, through your cake growing a bubble. You danced and you accepted your guests love and it seemed like you had a blast! Thank you for allowing us to be a part of that :)


J Horton said...

Love this wedding!! That location is beautiful... and I'm pretty sure Jeremy wore the same tie in our wedding :-)

CandaceAshley said...

Ashley, these are wonderful, you and David captured all the wonderful things about our wedding, including friends and family and some great emotions from Brandon. Thank you so much for also being great sports through the rain as well, it was really memorable and I can't wait to see the rest of the photos! Such a beautiful job!