Friday, May 7, 2010

Wedding Story: Danielle and Chad

I knew it was going to be a good day based on Danielle's emails. Every time she emailed me she said the wittiest, funniest stuff-- she made me giggle many times so I KNEW it was going to be a good day.

We started out this beautiful day at the Omni Hotel in Charlotte...

DRT_8078 copy

DRT_8099 copy

NAS_8218 copy

NAS_8286 copy

NAS_8535 copy

NAS_8620 copy

NAS_8668 copy

NAS_8688 copy

NAS_8713 copy

Making Tyra proud!

NAS_8778 copy

DRT_8231 copy

This gym is an incredibly important spot for Danielle and Chad-
these are some physically fit people. It just made sense to stop by.

NAS_8916 copy

NAS_8857 copy

NAS_9046 copy

The ceremony was at the beautiful St Mary's Chapel...

NAS_9079 copy

NAS_9138 copy

NAS_9236 copy

NAS_9293 copy

NAS_9505 copy

NAS_9779 copy

NAS_9849 copy

After a beautiful ceremony we headed over to Bentley's on 27- LOVED it!

NAS_0080 copy

NAS_0277 copy

NAS_0381 copy

NAS_0398 copy

DRT_8718 copy

Bride and Groom's Meals:


Bride and Groom Desserts:


NAS_0670 copy

DRT_9166 copy

NAS_0572 copy

Hangin' with the groomsmen.


... and then the party got crazy fun!!
(We were SUPER stoked to run into Jill from All the Right Grooves, two weeks in a row!)

DRT_9316 copy


NAS_0783 copy

Danielle and Chad: Your day was over the top BEAUTIFUL and it was so awesome to be a part of the fun! It stinks you had to head right back to work for a week but that will make your honeymoon next week all the sweeter :)

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