Thursday, June 10, 2010

Baby Story: Hank

If you have been following the blog for the past couple of months then you have already met Hank's parents... and seen the bump he caused on his Mom's belly :) I was so excited to get to meet Hank since his debut into the world the last week of May. He is a total sweetie and put up with all our silly grownup ideas- you'll see what I mean.

Hank's parents love to read and have these awesome bookshelves-
what better place to start!?

NAS_1889 copy

NAS_1910 copy

NAS_1923 copy

NAS_1937 copy

I LOVE how Hank's Mom and Dad have arranged his new living space.
Hank's Mom made the awesome horse mobile...

NAS_1953 copy

NAS_1983 copy

NAS_1991 copy

NAS_2000 copy

NAS_2022 copy

NAS_2014 copy

... and Hank's Dad made this changing table :)

NAS_2054 copy

NAS_2042 copy

NAS_2168 copy

These vintage alphabet cards are so cute!!

NAS_2190 copy

But ofcourse Hank is cuter!

NAS_2214 copy

Hank's grandma made him this precious coming home outfit...

NAS_2326 copy

Hank loved being outside and showed off his baby blues quite a bit.

NAS_2262 copy

NAS_2275 copy

NAS_2309 copy

NAS_2372 copy

NAS_2363 copy

NAS_2390 copy

I feel like Hank is trying to say "Hellooooo world! I'm hereeeeee!"

NAS_2394 copy

I could not resist sharing this one...
Hank was so well behaved. This cry lasted like 10 seconds.

NAS_2444 copy

At first we tried to get Hank to turn his head back...

NAS_2459 copy

... but then I realized he was trying to help me get a new perspective.
He was showing me his first house.

NAS_2477 copy

Christa, Brad and Hank: I can't wait to get you all infront of the camera again! You are always so fun to work with - full of great ideas and flexible with whatever ideas I throw your way :) See you in a few months!

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