Monday, June 14, 2010

Bridal Story: Anna

I have been so excited to show you this bridal shoot. I am not going to lie- bridal shoots are not my favorite type of shoot. You have to be careful with the dress, everyone is tense to make sure it comes out spotless for the wedding day. While Anna was concerned about her dress, she also had amazing ideas that were a little more risky than most brides who do bridal shoots. After you see what she did in her brand new dress (without a sheet underneath or anything), I'll tell you what shape her dress was in at the end of the shoot...

AnnaCBridal-2 copy

AnnaCBridal-4 copy

AnnaCBridal-14 copy

AnnaCBridal-20 copy

AnnaCBridal-24 copy

You will see this gorgeous tree again in the wedding day images :)

AnnaCBridal-30 copy

Anna's sweet horse Buck had to make an appearance!

AnnaCBridal-40 copy

AnnaCBridal-51 copy

AnnaCBridal-54 copy

AnnaCBridal-76 copy

AnnaCBridal-83 copy

Anna spent the entire shoot barefoot and sat straight onto the grass...

AnnaCBridal-96 copy

AnnaCBridal-101 copy

We chased a very large black snake out of the grass with this one...

AnnaCBridal-106 copy

AnnaCBridal-110 copy

AnnaCBridal-122 copy

AnnaCBridal-126 copy

I heard this very old structure is haunted and is known to leave orbs in images...
sadly I don't think I was lucky enough to have the experience.

AnnaCBridal-137 copy

AnnaCBridal-160 copy

AnnaCBridal-168 copy

AnnaCBridal-186 copy

My bride-shooting bucket list--
photographing a bride on a hay bale.

AnnaCBridal-210 copy

AnnaCBridal-230 copy

AnnaCBridal-246 copy

AnnaCBridal-255 copy

AnnaCBridal-256 copy

AnnaCBridal-267 copy

Just when we thought we were done, we hopped on the golfcart to head back and then we rounded this corner and I saw this AMAZING light on the field and I had to get Anna out there!!

AnnaCBridal-276 copy

AnnaCBridal-288 copy

AnnaCBridal-292 copy

AnnaCBridal-298 copy

Now you've seen all that Anna did... guess what.
The only thing on Anna's dress was a noseprint from Buck, a tick and a grasshopper.
No grass stains. No rips or tares.
Next up will be Anna's wedding day!!

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