Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bridal Story: Emily

Even though there was some major construction going on, Duke Gardens was still gorgeous when I met Emily and her Mom there for her bridal session. Emily and I were in choir together in high school-- it was so great to get to reconnect with her over wedding plans!

Now that she is married, I can share some of her gorgeous bridal portrait images with you...

Emily and her Mom could not decide which one image they wanted to print for her portrait on display at the reception, so she (like some of my other brides recently) decided on a larger print and then a few of her other favorites in smaller sizes...

EmilyBBridal-1 copy

EmilyBBridal-21 copy

EmilyBBridal-25 copy

This one was printed in an 8x10:

EmilyBBridal-28 copy

EmilyBBridal-58 copy

This was printed in a 16x20:

EmilyBBridal-60 copy

EmilyBBridal-62 copy

EmilyBBridal-90 copy

This one was a 11x14:

EmilyBBridal-95 copy

EmilyBBridal-100 copy

EmilyBBridal-109 copy

EmilyBBridal-114 copy

EmilyBBridal-117 copy

EmilyBBridal-118 copy

EmilyBBridal-127 copy

EmilyBBridal-131 copy

EmilyBBridal-134 copy

EmilyBBridal-142 copy

This one was also an 8x10:

EmilyBBridal-158 copy

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