Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Personal Story: Hydrangeas

If you are friends with me on Facebook then you know I have been LOVING hydrangeas this spring and summer. Our new place has some gorgeous blue hydrangeas on the side of the house-- this sealed the deal for me!!

The patriarch and matriarch of the Fuller family (you can see some of their family shoots here, here, here and way back here and here) have some GORGEOUS hydrangeas that they want to have prints of for their house. Back in high school and early in college when I would have NEVER guessed I was going to have my own photography business, I would practice my photography on the various flowers and plants around my yard. It felt so good to get back to that.

NAS_6763 copy

NAS_6767 copy

NAS_6769 copy

NAS_6793 copy

I dont love spiders in general but I like the webs here...

NAS_6811 copy

NAS_6812 copy

NAS_6816 copy

NAS_6833 copy

Oh the morning light...

NAS_6835 copy

NAS_6850 copy


NAS_6853 copy

NAS_6872 copy

NAS_6878 copy

NAS_6883 copy


Chase said...

Ugh, more of those Fullers again!?
Beautiful pictures, as always:)

Lauren said...

BEAUTIFUL! I LOVE hydrangeas as well.

Leah said...

Oh my goodness, Ashley. They are GORGEOUS. :)

George said...

Wow! You are goooooood and our flowers are pretty. Tammy will be so happy! Thank you!