Saturday, June 26, 2010

Stories Coming Soon...

WHEW! This week has been crazy fun-- in the span of 8 days we will have shot 4 weddings, an engagement and a trash-the-dress. Thanks for being patient if you have emailed us and we are slow to respond. We will get to you next week- promise!

At this very moment we are backing up images from wedding number 3 in preparation for wedding number 4 tomorrow. I just wanted to give you a sneak peek of a few of these exciting events that will hit the blog next week (wedding 4 and the trash-the-dress have not happened yet so you will just have to wait for those!)...

Natalie and Tim's Wedding Day:

NAS_3033 copy

Emily's Bridal Portrait Session:

EmilyBBridal-21 copy

Emily and Duvan's Wedding Day:

NAS_6781 copy

So for those of you that love to hang out on the blog at work, next week we are going to be bringing you MASSIVE amounts of entertainment :)...

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the.indie.image said...

omgoodness... I don't think i can complain about my week being busy anymore! sheesh! Looking forward to seeing all those blog posts!