Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wedding Story: Anna and Jeremy

So you have seen how beautiful the setting for Anna's bridal portraits was... I am SO excited to show you how beautiful it was on her wedding day!! I really had a great time working with Anna on her wedding day details. She is a girl after my own heart-- she is super organized, stays on top of the details, strives to clearly communicate, etc. At her bridal shoot I learned just how wonderful her family is and how amazing her bridesmaids are... I got to multiply that by a thousand on the wedding day. These people are so very sweet-- and they want David and I to move there!! Between the gorgeous scenery, living on the water (I am a water girl) and the generously sweet people, how could we say no?!

There were so many fun and beautiful things that happened on this wedding day...



From the moment I met these ladies I KNEW they were going to bring it.
HELLO even the flower girl brought it!!

NAS_3705 copy

NAS_3807 copy

From what David tells me, Jeremy keeps some hilarious company as well!

DRT_3214 copy

DRT_2847 copy

DRT_2865 copy

DRT_3083 copy

DRT_3234 copy

The heat and humidity were INTENSE all day.
So here's a first for me- the bride/bridesmaids hop in the pool 2 hours before the ceremony.
Say what?! Notice the ceremony all set up in the background.
And yes, the boys were insanely jealous.

NAS_3864 copy

The next three images are David's creations.
And boy do I love 'em.

DRT_3296 copy

DRT_3318 copy

DRT_3322 copy

Watching the guests arrive...
(Hey Jessica! Thanks SO much for stalking the blog and encouraging Anna to book with us-- you are SO the best!!)

NAS_4191 copy

It was Anna's childhood dream to ride in on her horse to her wedding, her Dad leading her in.
My breath caught as she rounded the corner of the house-
it was so romantic and whimsical.

DRT_3495 copy

NAS_4324 copy

NAS_4329 copy

I saw this shot on the back of my camera and thought to myself- BLOG.

NAS_4377 copy

Buck was not bored during the ceremony...
the restless young ones loved him.

NAS_4399 copy

DRT_3619 copy


NAS_4534 copy

NAS_4689 copy

NAS_5070 copy

NAS_4937 copy

NAS_5092 copy

NAS_5085 copy

NAS_5109 copy

DRT_3734 copy

NAS_5164 copy

NAS_5280 copy

DRT_3832 copy

DRT_3773 copy

So many fun things happening in this image...
my favorite? Anna's sister running AWAY from the bouquet.

NAS_6307 copy

See? These ladies are FUN.


Last dance of the evening...

NAS_6652 copy

NAS_6680 copy

NAS_6747 copy

Anna and Jeremy: Where do I start?! The day was so insanely gorgeous, full of love, full of fun, and warm!! But really, we were so touched and how easily your family and friends welcomed us in and instantly made us feel like we had been friends for ever. Mrs. Cook, we'll crash your dock any day!!


Ms. Luckey said...

Ashley, you ROCK girl! All of the photos are incredible! You did an amazing job of capturing what Anna & Jeremy's wedding really was. Thanks so much for my shout-out! You know I will continue to faithfully stalk the blog! Please come back to Denver and crash the Cook's dock, we'd all love to hang out with you again!

Lauren said...

Ashley, how I look forward to each new blog post from you! Amazing once again! I recognized Anna from her bridals- I went to UNCC for a few years & knew of her through a friend of mine, Amy. Small world!

Leah said...

Gorgeous as always! :) Less than 4 months... I cannot wait!

Charley said...

Ashley & David, you guys are amazing!!! Love all of the photo's and I know we all are ready for you guys to come back to the lake!!