Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wedding Story: Ashley and Brian

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(David caught this shot of the flags at sunset during the reception...)

This year our weddings have been all over the place-- rarely are we in Raleigh. It's been so fun to get to tour the state and see places we have never been and might never go if it weren't for these weddings. I had heard of "little Washington" for awhile now, knowing a few people from there. I had never gotten to experience Washington, NC for myself and let me tell you- its downright precious! The neighborhoods are so pretty and the various waterfronts on the river are GORGEOUS. All these beautiful waterfront weddings make me want to get a boat and come back to visit recreationally!


Ashley's sister doing her Mom's makeup- so cute.

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All the girls were around to entertain Ashley while she got her hair done.

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The ECU pirates were well represented through out the idea- just wait, you'll see!


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David is good at what he does. Mmm k?

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Experimenting with b&w processing...

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I just keep going back to this image...
Bride and Mom heading out to the ceremony...

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When Brian arrived family and friends had to create a wall so he wouldn't see Ashley before the ceremony started... I like that team work :)

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The ceremony was held on the waterfront at Washington Park.

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Telling funny stories on Brian :)

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I love this. Ashley and Brian choose sand from two different beaches to use in their sand ceremony. I LOVE this idea.

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I could show you TONS of pictures from this part of the day. The light and the setting was so dreamy and wonderful. Took me forever to choose these.

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NAS_9459 copy

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David and I recently watched one of the several documentaries about Annie Leibovitz and her work. She commented that the most interesting shots happen between the "real shots"-- when the subjects don't have a clue that you are shooting. David grabbed this "inbetween" moment and I just love it.

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Sweet ride.
Sweet love.

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The reception was held at the Washington Yacht and Country Club--
the marina was the perfect place to hang out!

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Super cute first dance? CHECK!

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Brian and his brother have a tradition of glass bottle coke toasting :)

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Flower girl and ring-bearer observing...

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A violent ECU sabre exit!!

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Ashley and Brian: Your day was gorgeous! Though rain threatened, the sun just kept shining and you two stay calm and kept smiling :) It was fun working with such laid back and easygoing people. Thanks for letting us be a part of your day-- hope the honeymoon is nice and relaxing!

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