Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Wedding Story: Emily and Duvan

It had been awhile since we had a wedding in Raleigh- we were excited to get to sleep in a little bit before heading to one of our favorite Raleigh venues: All Saints Chapel! You have seen how gorgeous Emily looked at her bridal portrait session... she was even more gorgeous on the big day! It was so fun to reconnect with people from high school in this wedding-- and meet some new fabulous people as well :)

Duvan and the guys got ready at his and Emily's new place before heading to the chapel...

DRT_8217 copy

DRT_8360 copy

DRT_8455 copy

DRT_8601 copy

DRT_8532 copy

Emily and the girls got ready at her best friend (and bridesmaid) from high school's house before heading to the chapel- Lisa and her Mom are two of the most fun people ever. Everyone should get ready at their house :)

Duvan gave Emily these sweet roses along with her gift...

NAS_5175 copy

NAS_5192 copy

NAS_5372 copy

I love so many things in this picture:
the front of the chapel is gorgeous
the different color bouquets are perfection
and these girls are the sweetest!

NAS_5490 copy

One of Emily's brothers brought her flowers and there were happy tears everywhere-
they made me tear up just watching them!

NAS_5535 copy

Emily's Mom AND Dad helped her with her veil...

NAS_6040 copy

NAS_6104 copy

DRT_8991 copy

DRT_0116 copy

NAS_6197 copy

NAS_6227 copy

NAS_6251 copy

DRT_9207 copy

First moments together officially married! :)

NAS_6388 copy

I am so glad that David noticed this moment happening while I was getting everyone in place to begin the family pictures.
The two most important men in Emily's life...

DRT_9417 copy

NAS_6743 copy

NAS_6815 copy

NAS_6830 copy

NAS_6884 copy

NAS_6947 copy

David showed me this cake shot in camera after he took it and I was swooning.
I KNEW it would make the blog :)

DRT_9437 copy

NAS_7399 copy

A very sweet Daddy/Daughter dance...

NAS_7486 copy

DRT_9889 copy

Backin' it UP!

DRT_9912 copy

Um the best man scared the bejesus out of me- I did not see this jump coming.
Then he told me that my flash scared the bejesus out of HIM when he was in midair.
I guess we're even :)


Our first garter toss fight...


"Bang bang bang on the door baby

NAS_8192 copy

My view:

NAS_8381 copy

David's view:

DRT_0296 copy

Emily and Duvan: It was so great getting to witness your gentle, sweet love for each other. Your families were both so supportive and loving... and super talented dancers :) We felt right at home with you and your people. Thanks for involving us in your day!

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