Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Wedding Story: Kelly and Rob

You've already gotten a sneak peek at Kelly as a bride and her getting ready/reception location... now you get to see how amazing it all was on the big day!! Though there were a few complications and the threat of rain, Kelly stayed calm and happy all day... and the sun kept shining!


Sweet end of Rob's card to Kelly...

NAS_7757 copy

All of Kelly's details were so fun...
from the sixpence in her sandal to the monogram on her bouquet and lets not forget the penny from her birth year in her sandal.


NAS_7886 copy

NAS_7940 copy

NAS_8031 copy

Hey Rob!

DRT_1108 copy

DRT_1355 copy

DRT_1421 copy

DRT_1596 copy

The Graylyn has an AWESOME mancave...

DRT_1612 copy

DRT_1617 copy

DRT_1632 copy

HELLO wedding day.

NAS_8206 copy

NAS_8280 copy

NAS_8426 copy

DRT_1901 copy

DRT_1904 copy


NAS_8522 copy

NAS_8582 copy

NAS_8812 copy

So much love...

NAS_8887 copy

NAS_9088 copy

The following layout looks like a geometry lesson to me.



Do you not LOVE the dance floor?!
SO much fun to shoot at such a gorgeous location!

DRT_2231 copy

The pink and orange kept things looking bright and summery all day :)

NAS_9481 copy

NAS_9502 copy

DRT_2250 copy

NAS_9895 copy

DRT_2474 copy

Both Kelly and Rob's families kept the dance floor hoppin'

NAS_9751 copy

DRT_2557 copy

NAS_9768 copy

LOVE this. They posed for someone else and I grabbed it too!

NAS_9786 copy

David was so excited that he caught this sweet dancing moment...

DRT_2623 copy

And they're off!
My view:

NAS_0508 copy

David's view:

DRT_2649 copy

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