Friday, July 23, 2010

Baby Story: Alice-Kate

You will recognize Alice-Kate's parents from their anniversary shoot last fall- I was really excited to get them back in front of the camera. From the first time I saw Alice-Kate's world debut pictures on Facebook I thought "that is one pretty baby!" Friends, she is beautiful in real life too!

I feel like Alice-Kate, if she could speak, is saying in this first one
"Hey people! Look at all my pretty clothes! I am a lucky lady!"
These dresses include some of Alice-Kate's Mommy's when she was a baby.

NAS_0037 copy

NAS_0071 copy

Baby wrinkles. Love that.

NAS_0146 copy

NAS_0160 copy

NAS_0185 copy

NAS_0187 copy

NAS_0195 copy

NAS_0209 copy

NAS_0243 copy

If you know Rick, you know his reputation for crazy photoshoots and videos (which now my husband has been a part of). I have to say this- Rick was goofy every now and then but bottom line- this man loves his daughter and he's not afraid to show it.

NAS_0254 copy

NAS_0263 copy

Wardrobe change...

NAS_0302 copy

NAS_0318 copy

NAS_0382 copy

Rick couldn't help himself.

NAS_0432 copy

NAS_0430 copy

NAS_0455 copy

NAS_0438 copy

NAS_0463 copy

I don't know what Alice-Kate did but Mommy and Daddy simultaneously thought it was amazing.

NAS_0492 copy

NAS_0502 copy

NAS_0558 copy

NAS_0549 copy

NAS_0583 copy

Ok so Rick got silly one more time...

NAS_0607 copy

However Rick did not set this one up... that is natural.

NAS_0629 copy

NAS_0673 copy

NAS_0718 copy

NAS_0724 copy

NAS_0737 copy

NAS_0761 copy

Heather, Rick and Alice-Kate: I was honored to get you all in front of the camera together! I cannot wait for the many more times we can do this as Alice-Kate grows up!!

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