Thursday, July 29, 2010

Baby Story: Kaylie

Babies babies everywhere!! I love a newborn baby shoot. They are such unpredictable little creatures... the fate of the shoot is in their tiny hands :) Keeps me guessing and that is fun!

We had a few minutes to scoot outside before the sky opened up and rained buckets... I am glad we headed out! It has been so fun for me to get to know Kaylie's parents. We have a million friends in common and I just felt like we should have known each other long ago :)

NAS_7283 copy

NAS_7325 copy

This sweet little dress Kaylie is in served as her going home outfit.

NAS_7388 copy

NAS_7561 copy

NAS_7459 copy

Girlfriend liked getting pictures done all by herself.

NAS_7581 copy

NAS_7585 copy

Mom and Dad already cramping her style ;)
She was totally fine with doing this shoot on her own.

NAS_7657 copy

NAS_7667 copy

NAS_7637 copy

NAS_7599 copy

NAS_7622 copy

NAS_7690 copy

NAS_7716 copy

NAS_7701 copy

Green, pink and brown are in this year for baby girl rooms :)

NAS_7791 copy

Hanging out in Dad's study...

NAS_7877 copy

LOVE these next two.

NAS_8006 copy

NAS_7996 copy

NAS_8028 copy

NAS_8035 copy

This was Allison's cradle when she was a baby...

NAS_8044 copy

NAS_8057 copy

Kaylie and family: Thanks so much for letting me come into your home and document your new life together! I cannot wait to get you all back in front of the lens as Kaylie grows into a little lady :)

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Justin said...

That is a beautiful baby and momma:)