Monday, July 26, 2010

Business Story: Canvases!

One of my favorite products that we offer is the wrap canvas print. These prints just look STUNNING on your wall. They truly showcase the moment without any interruption or distraction. I am GIDDY when a client decides to order a canvas print, and as I look through images from a shoot I immediately know which ones would look epic on canvas.

I recently ordered a few more sample canvases to give people a better idea of what the canvas company offers. Canvases can be ordered in any size from 6x6 to over 60x100.

(image from Hank's newborn shoot in a 18x26)

NAS_4742 copy

You can have the image wrap around the side (no ugly staples on the side!)...

NAS_4743 copy

NAS_4748 copy

NAS_4752 copy

... Or if you don't want the image to wrap around, you can have a color wrap around the border (black seen here and on the following canvas)

NAS_4744 copy

NAS_4745 copy

(image from Melissa and Nicky's wedding on a 15x24)

NAS_4741 copy

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Mip said...

ohmygosh, you're right, i want to steal it!