Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Family Story: Sirit Family

If you've read my blog for long you know that I have a special relationship with a few other lady photographers in the area. We all started out at the same studio, and then branched out on our own. Technically we are each other's competition, but somehow we are still friends and choose to rise above and work together. We give each other referrals when we are booked, we help each other with photoshop and equipment issues. We even shoot with each other!

April of Evoke Photography is one of these few photographer ladies in my circle. I LOVE this woman and her sweet family. April called me up and said she needed some family shots ASAP... so we compared schedules and literally had one evening we could do the shoot before she needed them. So the day arrives and of course it starts raining and there is thunder in the distance. Her boys did exceptionally well given how rushed we were AND the fact that it was raining. Of course I was secretly FREAKING OUT because here I am rushing through pictures of another photographer's family. Yup, FREAKING OUT. Here's what we came up with ...

NAS_2176 copy

Victor did not think I was very funny.

NAS_2215 copy

Then we told Victor about how I had these really cool lollipops for the end of the shoot...
suddenly, I'm funny.

NAS_2247 copy

NAS_2253 copy

NAS_2266 copy

NAS_2303 copy

NAS_2365 copy

NAS_2348 copy

NAS_2390 copy

NAS_2317 copy

NAS_2419 copy

NAS_2430 copy

NAS_2431 copy

NAS_2436 copy

NAS_2454 copy

NAS_2477 copy

NAS_2466 copy

NAS_2491 copy

NAS_2397 copy

NAS_2519 copy

NAS_2585 copy


NAS_2784 copy

NAS_2670 copy

NAS_2848 copy

NAS_2893 copy

NAS_2880 copy

NAS_2855 copy

NAS_2908 copy

April, Thanks for trusting me to get out in the rain with you crazy Sirits and hopefully create something with some meaning. Let's do it again when it's not so crazy, right??
Love you guys!

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