Monday, July 19, 2010

Personal Story: A Hike in Colorado

While we were in the Denver, CO area for Jamie and Robb's wedding, we decided to hang out for a few days to get to see the city and the mountains. My beautiful cousin Casey hosted us and took us to the awesomely adorable Breckenridge for lunch, a little shopping and some hiking. I wanted to share some of our hiking adventures with you...

I held the camera out of the jeep window to grab these on the way to the trail...

DRT_0089 copy

DRT_0056 copy

DRT_0058 copy

DRT_0080 copy

DRT_0098 copy

DRT_0113 copy

Starting the hike...

DRT_0121 copy

DRT_0127 copy

DRT_0140 copy

DRT_0144 copy

DRT_0145 copy

DRT_0148 copy

DRT_0162 copy

DRT_0169 copy

DRT_0176 copy

DRT_0194 copy

DRT_0209 copy

DRT_0211 copy

DRT_0002 copy

DRT_0009 copy

DRT_0021 copy

The mountain wildflowers were plentiful and beautiful.

DRT_0024 copy


The Dillon Reservoir...

DRT_0078 copy

DRT_0087 copy

DRT_0110 copy

Taken from the car on the way back to Denver...

DRT_0122 copy

Denver (and it's surrounding areas) is so gorgeous-- there are tons of amazing locally owned restaurants, funky shops, fabulous views and HELLO no humidity.

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Leah said...

Gorgeous pictures! I've never been to Colorado but I miss mountains since I've been in FL for 4 years now. You two are too cute! Glad you took some time for yourselves too!