Friday, July 2, 2010

Trash the Dress: Ashley

The morning after Ashley's wedding, I drug myself outta bed to shoot her day after/trash the dress session. Ashley had briefed me on how incredible the locations she had chosen were going to be so my excitement gave me the energy I needed to push me out the door. Apparently the feeling was mutual with Ashley and Forrest that morning :)

You need to know that the first spot we went to WAS SOMEONE'S YARD. I cannot imagine living some place so movie like. It is stunning.

Look at this light!
This is why we get up a little earlier than we want to... for this light...

NAS_1187 copy

NAS_1205 copy

NAS_1225 copy

NAS_1271 copy

NAS_1344 copy

NAS_1354 copy

NAS_1427 copy

NAS_1529 copy

NAS_1553 copy

NAS_1580 copy

NAS_1605 copy

NAS_1625 copy

This I did not really set up...
Forrest wanted to pick Ashley this wild red rose...

NAS_1673 copy

NAS_1693 copy

NAS_1700 copy

NAS_1718 copy


NAS_1812 copy

And then we went to a different part of the river...

NAS_1898 copy

NAS_1943 copy

NAS_1946 copy

NAS_1980 copy

NAS_1994 copy

A bit blown out but I love it.
Three canoes came by and all the people aboard were "oooo"ing and "ahhh"ing.
One man said she looked like a mermaid sitting on a rock...

NAS_2077 copy

NAS_2106 copy

NAS_2123 copy

HEY IT'S ME!! Me with the bride :)


Ashley #2, I have two things to say. You looked STUNNING again that morning. I don't know HOW you are going to choose one to put on a canvas. That is all :)


Anonymous said...

i am so in love with story photographers right now. Ya'll are amazing. thank you so much for all of our wedding weekend shots! forrest and i can't wait to renew our vows in 20 years just to do this all over again :) everything was perfect and i am having so much fun reliving our weekend through your eyes!

LOVE you Ashley and David!

Ashley Tugman Hinton :)

Chase said...

Love the red boots, love the ones on the swing. Another great job:)

Angel Pope, proud Mom said...

A perfect ending to a magnificent beginning! Ashley #1, you did a marvelous job capturing the marvel of the mountains and personalities of Forrest and Ashley #2. Absolutely, stunning pictures!

Beth said...

I about lost my breath when I saw Ashley TugHin in the water IN HER DRESS. Amazing. How in the world did you get the one where it looks like you're above Ashley TugHin while she's in the river??