Thursday, July 1, 2010

Wedding Story: Ashley and Forrest

I have been getting texts, wallposts, messages, etc since this wedding was over that various people COULD NOT WAIT for me to post this blog. Like they wanted me to post it THE SECOND THE WEDDING ENDED. OH THE PRESSURE!! I don't blame them one bit. Ashley and I go back... wwaaaaaayyy back. I grew up with Ashley and her sweet family. She is a year younger than me so I was Ashley #1 and she was Ashley #2. Then I had a little sister named Amanda... and several years later SHE had a little sister named Amanda. Ashley has been an avid fan of the blog since I started it so it is super exciting that I get to feature her love story on here today. Ashley and Forrest's wedding day was incredibly gorgeous in the mountains and full of people who deeply love them... and have a blast doing it.


NAS_8540 copy

You know I love a first see :)

DRT_0411 copy

NAS_8651 copy

DRT_0433 copy

The boys were all cute at the building next to where I had the girls...

DRT_0526 copy

... and they knew it, so they photobombed.

NAS_8668 copy

NAS_8689 copy

When Ashley mentioned the cow mural,
I did not think it would be THIS big!

NAS_8701 copy


DRT_0589 copy

NAS_8830 copy


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NAS_8981 copy

Moments before the ceremony Ashley gets a note from one of the flower girls...

NAS_9180 copy

It's time! Heading to the sanctuary...


Soooooo precious... sweet sisters.
(sorry boys, these two are still in high school!!!)

DRT_0817 copy

Their ceremony was full of just the right balance of moments that made everyone cry (I heard the sniffles around the room) and made everyone giggle.

NAS_9449 copy

DRT_0865 copy

NAS_9472 copy

I LOVE the motion of the girls running down the aisle once the ceremony was over...

NAS_9609 copy

If your reception is in a barn, you better wear red cowgirl boots.

NAS_9867 copy


NAS_9895 copy

NAS_9882 copy

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Ashley's Dad had everyone in tears with his sweet words. Mr. Tugman is one of the most gentle, loving men I have ever met-- I don't meet many men that I would BEGIN to describe this way. He was truly meant to be the father of three girls.

DRT_1156 copy

The cakes? GORGEOUS. They were simple but OH SO classy and chic.
Two pears on the top layer? "The Perfect Pear", Ashley said :)

NAS_0451 copy

Oh where to begin with this one.
Here I am with girls that I was in youth group, some of them in PRESCHOOL with at the church we all grew up at together. So much history here. So much love.

NAS_0530 copy

Ashley and Forrest had a bluegrass band and they were AWESOME.

NAS_0699 copy

I love the drama in this one, David.

DRT_1369 copy

NAS_1032 copy

The quiet moments before an exciting exit...

NAS_1104 copy

David's view AND My view:


Check back tomorrow for Ashley's Day After, Trash the Dress!

Ashley and Forrest: It was a gift to me to be able to be alongside of you on your wedding day. It was so important to me that all the parts of your day were covered in a loving way. I can not wait for you to see the rest! SO MUCH LOVE!


Anonymous said...

great pics!! :) -kimberly moore

Anonymous said...

phenomenal! tricia

Frances said...

Thoroughly enjoyed the picture story of their wedding! Thrilled for the happy couple! Frances