Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wedding Story: Courtney and Peter

It always makes me feel so good when we book a sibling of a former client. It shows me that we have done something right to have a family trust us twice to deliver a product; a product that they can trust and that really tells their wedding story.

Last March we shot Erica and Derek's wedding day and had such a good time with them and their family and friends. SUCH wonderful people. When Erica's sister Courtney contacted us about shooting there day I was so excited! What a sweet family!

The day was SUPER hot- temperatures hovering around 100 degrees, the heat index well above that. We spent very little time outside, as you can imagine!

NAS_4764 copy


I love the broach Courtney's Mom let her borrow for her bouquet...


NAS_5094 copy

DRT_6547 copy

The guys were troopers and spent about 10-15 minutes out in the heat.
I don't even think they broke a sweat :)

DRT_6361 copy

DRT_6382 copy

DRT_6449 copy

I adore this.

NAS_5422 copy

NAS_5461 copy

Post-kiss looks are the sweetest!

NAS_5517 copy

NAS_5715 copy

Sigh. Aren't they cute?!

NAS_5754 copy

NAS_5737 copy

NAS_5776 copy

NAS_5818 copy

It's good to be "just married"!

DRT_6945 copy

Courtney and her Dad shared a choreographed dance to a song that he sang the the girls when they were little. It was so fun and had everyone laughing.


Peter and his Mom shared a sweet dance that had all the Mom's in the room sniffling :)

NAS_6289 copy

Peter is a member of the Triangle Jazz Orchestra,
and they kept everyone moving all night long!

NAS_5931 copy

NAS_5968 copy

Courtney, along with her family and friends, went strawberry picking.
Then they proceeded to make jam...
... enough jam to share with 200 people!

NAS_5988 copy

Hey there's Derek and his aunt showing off their dance skills.
Derek's aunt Amanda directed both Courtney and Erica's weddings and she is SUPER GOOD at it. She can also do the "stanky leg".

NAS_6475 copy

Erica catching a dance with her Dad :)

DRT_7251 copy

Courtney and Peter's family and friends started their bubble exit early by making their last dance of the night extra dreamy and romantic...

NAS_7040 copy

NAS_7062 copy

Courtney and Peter: Thank you so much for inviting us into your sweet wedding day! Courtney it was great being with your family again and Peter, your crowd was so fun to hang with as well. Your day was just so beautiful!


Meredith said...

Lovely photos. Wish I could have been there to see the stanky leg again! Ashley and David, you guys are so talented. Courtney, your wedding looks like it was beautiful!

Jessica and William said...

ohhhh stanky leg.