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Wedding Story: Jamie and Robb

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Oh Colorado. David and I love you. Not only are you gorgeous, you also have no humidity. Colorado, your capital city is SUPER cool- I could hang out there for weeks and not run out of new things to do or new places to eat. You house my INCREDIBLE second cousin and you create AMAZING backdrops for AMAZING weddings. I.LIKE.YOU
Sigh. As it is steamy nasty hot outside here in NC, I fondly look back through our Denver pictures and how exciting it was to escape the gross weather here. Several times at Jamie and Robb's wedding I got to recount just how these NC photographers made it to Denver- this was fine because it's a fun story!

David and I met Jamie at Melinda and Matt's wedding on New Years Eve in Minneapolis (check out those two posts- you will see Jamie around). Jamie mentioned to me that day that she was engaged and planning her wedding in Denver, while living in China. I can't imagine how difficult that was! I told her that David and I had always wanted to travel to Colorado and ofcourse we were game for coming out for her wedding. As it worked out, Jamie loved our style and wanted us to document her wedding too. We were SO excited! David and I added on a few days to the trip to stay with my amazing second cousin Casey (more on those vacay-days coming soon) to do a little hiking and hanging out in Denver. This is why its been a week since the last full post.

This is amazing- 90% of Jamie and Robb's 180 guests were NOT from Colorado. They had people from around the world travel to Castle Rock to celebrate with them. Jamie and Robb live in China so their wedding was heavily influenced by their life there. That meant that everyone at this wedding really wanted to be there, and want to support and love Jamie and Robb in a big way.

Jamie was SUCH a fun bride to photograph because she wore her heart on her sleeve the whole day- her smile stayed huge and her excitement was palpable.
Melinda was her maid of honor, hair stylist and personal dresser.


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The getting ready, pictures and reception took place at Jamie's college roomate's parents house. I have three things to say about this family: they are brave, their house/yard/view are stunning, they are some SWEET people. You can see Pike's Peak and the Castle Rock from their yard.

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David's (amazing) View:

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Robb can work it too.


Jamie and Robb chose to see eachother before the wedding so we could attempt to beat the sun, heat and then the rain that threatened later in the day.

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Jamie's nieces and nephew were SO adorable.

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Hey Melinda!
When I took the first one of Jamie and Melinda I said
"I feel like we have done this before..."


Jamie and her Dad are SO fun together.

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Robb gave himself a reminder of where his new ring will go...
and the pastor made sure that everyone else knew too.


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One of Jamie's brothers wrote her and Robb a song and surprised them with it during the ceremony. People, I WAS CRYING IT WAS SO SWEET.

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Their guestbook was a post-it wall. Adorable.

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Perfect cake situation: personalized bobbleheads on funfetti cake!

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There was always plenty of tea around for all those tea-drinking travelers.
Jamie had her favorite- bubble tea.


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Jamie sang an impromptu song with her uncle while guests were finding their seats...

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The hostess and her son (who was also the DJ) during the mother/son dance.

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SO glad I saw this moment happening-
Jamie saying goodbye to her Dad...


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LOOK that smile is still radiating!!

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Jamie and Robb: Thank you SO very much for flying us to Denver to be a part of your beautiful wedding. Our cups overflowed with all the love and positive energy that was flowing through your wedding day. It was so great to watch the two of you be so open about how excited you were to be in love. It was an honor. And Robb, thanks for the sweet email once you got back to China!

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Beth said...

Amazing. Can you share where in Castle Rock/the Springs the outdoor/nature/rock/tree pics were taken? Or is that trade secret stuff. These are beautiful. What fun. Have I mentioned I am so sad I didn't call you!