Thursday, July 8, 2010

Wedding Story: Jordan and Brian

One factor that can always get me excited about a wedding, no matter what the other circumstances might be, is when I know that the wedding is going to be full of straight up awesome people. Somehow we are super lucky and get this situation often :) In this case I knew it would be true without a doubt.

We were connected to Jordan and Brian through Dawn and Stephen. First let me say this, Dawn has been the bride that has sent us the most referrals. This girl is AWESOME. Second of all, we met Brian, Jordan and many of their mutual friends at Dawn and Stephen's wedding and we decided then that we wanted to be a part of all of their friends weddings. Luckily they like us too! So at Brian and Jordan's wedding we had a couple from 2009 and then a couple who has booked with us for 2011. THAT IS FUN!

The ceremony was at Sandy Grove UMC and the reception was at Camp Rockfish...

NAS_2919 copy

NAS_2961 copy

NAS_3071 copy

NAS_3005 copy

I don't quite remember what the prompt was but I think all that matters is that everyone was excited about the wedding- yay!

NAS_3180 copy

DRT_1597 copy

DRT_1667 copy

CUTE STORY TIME: So one day Jordan and Brian were riding the airport to pick someone up and they had stopped to eat. As Brian was just taking a bite of his burger Jordan told him she liked him. He couldn't take another bite.
So Jordan sent him a burger on their wedding day and he was so excited he could only take a bite again...

DRT_2056 copy

These guys are hardcore.

DRT_1815 copy

I don't know what your views on prayer are but let me tell you, it is a powerful thing to be a bride surrounded by the women she loves as they pour out their hearts in voicing their hopes for you and your soon to be spouse.

NAS_3373 copy

NAS_3521 copy

Jordan did the coolest thing with her bouquet...
She had various people (I think all women) that had been influential in her life give her flowers on her way to the altar. Once she reached Brian, he had one for her too. Then, instead of a unity candle, her mom and his mom went together and tied all the flowers into a bouquet.


DRT_2575 copy

NAS_3608 copy


David's View:

DRT_2739 copy

My View:

NAS_3950 copy

NAS_4061 copy

NAS_4004 copy

NAS_4025 copy

NAS_4027 copy

DRT_2806 copy

OOOOOOH how giddy I was when they said they would canoe.

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NAS_4192 copy

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NAS_4429 copy

These people at Camp Rockfish keep Chaco's going!
PS. There are a few single ladies in this picture looking for a boyfriend on my blog.
Just sayin'.

NAS_5413 copy

This is when Brian discovered that garters aren't worn around the ankle...

NAS_5558 copy

Portrait of a Tired Ringbearer

NAS_5614 copy

NAS_5763 copy

Dawn and Stephen- May 2009 Wedding
Jordan and Brian- July 2010 Wedding
Traci and Jason- May 2011 Wedding


Jordan and Brian- Thank you again for having us as a part of your wedding day. You are SUCH sweet people, and the people you keep company with are incredibly sweet as well! We have grown to ADORE our Camp Rockfish people... keep sending them our way :)


Leah said...

I love the canoe pictures. But they're all beautiful, as always.
I love all of the prayer pictures more than you can imagine. :)
3 months! :) We cannot hardly wait!

erin said...

omg, i love all of these pictures SO much. Jordan is a lucky girl, very LUCKY! i have known Brian since i was in a french class with him in high school! we got separated almost instantly because sitting us too close to one another meant a constant distraction for our classmates! haha! MUCHO MUCHO LOVE TO YOU BOTH! GREAT JOB ASHLEY AND DAVID ON THE PICS!

Jennifer said...

Awesome pictures! Brian and Jordan, Stephen and Dawn, and Traci and Jason are all amazing and are so blessed to have you as photographers for their weddings! Your pictures are such a blessing to all of us...we get to relive the moments over and over again. What a gift you have - Jordan's expressions are priceless. You captured the very essence of her personality. Awesome job, and thanks!

livetoshine said...

these are absolutely perfect. i was anxiously awaiting the blog post. i'll get to work on find a husband so you can do another rockfish wedding in 2012 ;)