Sunday, August 8, 2010

Bridal Story: Jessica

This bridal shoot made me even more excited to hang out with Jessica and her sweet family at her and Garren's wedding. Jessica was so awesome and easy-going... and so very beautiful!

JHBridal-8 copy

JHBridal-9 copy

JHBridal-15 copy

JHBridal-20 copy

JHBridal-26 copy

JHBridal-30 copy

JHBridal-47 copy

JHBridal-51 copy

JHBridal-56 copy

JHBridal-59 copy

JHBridal-66 copy

JHBridal-78 copy

JHBridal-89 copy

JHBridal-93 copy

JHBridal-105 copy

JHBridal-112 copy

JHBridal-115 copy

JHBridal-121 copy

JHBridal-126 copy

JHBridal-137 copy

JHBridal-142 copy

JHBridal-155 copy

JHBridal-166 copy

JHBridal-170 copy

JHBridal-175 copy

JHBridal-184 copy

JHBridal-189 copy

JHBridal-191 copy


Lauren said...

Jessica, Awesome!!!!!!! Love the hair! lol

Love Lauren

Peggy said...

OMG!! I want get married just so you can take my pics. And that barn!