Thursday, August 5, 2010

Personal Story: Fourth Wedding Anniversary

By the time this post is published I will have my toes in the sand. :)

I went back and read my thoughts on being married to David from last year. Not going to lie- made me smile and cry, all at the same time. Sometimes I can't believe it's already been another year. Other times it feels like I have been living some long years since my Dad died. I don't talk about that event much on Facebook or on here. The aftershocks still tremble through my family's life-- don't quite feel normal yet. David has been my anchor in the storm... keeping me from floating away. But we're getting there... creating new normal. We keep moving forward.

I could say so many ooshy gooshy mooshy things about how much I love David. I mean, you might gag right there in front of your computer screen :) It has been amazing owning this business with my husband. We might work long hours, or talk about the business too much when we aren't in the office, but man we adore what we do and we are passionate about it.

I love you David Teeter. I LOVE you. I love YOU. Thanks for putting up with me in marriage for four years, and in life for almost eight. :)

Just thought I would leave you with some of OUR wedding photos, shot by the ever-so-lovely Rebecca Mill before we both knew we'd own our own businesses...

AS470 copy

AS474 copy

AS479 copy

AS531 copy

AS540 copy

AS542 copy

AS544 copy

AS549 copy

AS554 copy

AS559 copy

AS565 copy

AS564 copy

AS562 copy 2


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!!! SO glad you have found each other in this crazy world!!!

Anonymous said...

*SIGH* so sweet.