Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Senior Story: Allie

It was really refreshing to get to do something new yesterday- a high school senior shoot! I had not done one in fo-ev-a so it was great to get Allie in front of the camera :)

NAS_6596 copy

NAS_6635 copy

NAS_6629 copy

NAS_6745 copy

Allie is on the yearbook staff at her high school...

NAS_6770 copy

NAS_6782 copy

Allie's little sister Hailey joined in for a few shots...

NAS_6832 copy

NAS_6841 copy

NAS_6911 copy

NAS_6967 copy

NAS_6988 copy

NAS_7003 copy

Allie takes pictures for the yearbook and loves photography
so it was important to her to bring along her camera.
In high school I always had a camera of some sort on me at all times :)

NAS_7031 copy

Hailey is automatically one of Allie's most photographed subjects :)

NAS_7188 copy

NAS_7235 copy

NAS_7216 copy

NAS_7106 copy

NAS_7269 copy

NAS_7417 copy

NAS_7444 copy

NAS_7532 copy

NAS_7477 copy

NAS_7510 copy

Class of '11!

NAS_7615 copy

NAS_7630 copy

NAS_7657 copy

NAS_7702 copy

NAS_7788 copy

NAS_7829 copy

Right out of camera... YUMMY light :)

NAS_7899 copy

Jewelry from Allie's grandmothers who are no longer physically with us on earth...

NAS_7919 copy

The loop of the necklace not shown here says
"All the strength you need..."

NAS_7940 copy

It is so beautiful to see women celebrating the women before them...

NAS_7967 copy

Allie (and Melodie and Hailey): I had the best time running around Raleigh with you! You did such an amazing job. I can't wait to get all of your family in front of the camera :) I know it will be a blast!!

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