Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wedding Story: Jessica and Garren

Jessica and Garren said "I do" surrounded by a few hundred people who love them and think the world of them-- what a way to become husband and wife! David and I were fresh off our anniversary vacation and were rested and ready to shoot :)

The day started out getting ready (and then later getting married) at Brownson Memorial Presbyterian Church in Souther Pines.

DRT_7648 copy

DRT_7681 copy

It sounds like something out of a movie, but Jessica and Garren met when Garren let a frisbee hit Jessica on the beach. They met there on the beach and the rest is history...

DRT_8099 copy

See? Surrounded by love...

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NAS_8264 copy

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David and I were on the same wavelength, apparently.
(PS how yummy was the light!?)

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First dance with all four parents looking on...

NAS_9575 copy

The reception was held at the always gorgeous Fair Barn in Pinehurst.

NAS_9947 copy

Sunshine and Love=Makes me giddy

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There were SO many great moments from the reception-
I had a hard time trying to select what to share with you. Lots going on.

NAS_9944 copy

NAS_0467 copy

Hey Lauren and Jason!! Thanks Riggan family for telling Jessica and Garren about us :)
You all have been amazing referrals and for that we are so grateful!

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Jessica and Garren: David and I hope you are having a beautiful day in Aruba as this blog post goes up. :) We had a wonderful time being surrounded by such awesome people during your entire wedding day. You two are loved!


Leah said...

You are so right. Gorgeous light & lots of love. :) Just the way it should be.

Anonymous said...

We love you! What a beautiful couple you are. Keep each other smiling everyday. Gail and Jim