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Inverness Cottage #6 SafariNow

Monday, February 5th, 2018 - Cottage
Photo 6 of 11Inverness Cottage  #6 SafariNow

Inverness Cottage #6 SafariNow

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In•ver•ness (in′vər nes, invər nes′),USA pronunciation n. 
    Also called  In•ver•ness•shire  (in′vər nesshēr, -shər).USA pronunciation a historic county in NW Scotland.
  1. a seaport and administrative district in the Highland region, in N Scotland. 55,045;
    1080 sq. mi. (2797 sq. km).
  2. (often l.c.) an overcoat with a removable cape.
  3. Also called  Inverness cape′. (often l.c.) the cape of this coat or one resembling it, esp. a loose, full, wool or worsted cape in a plaid pattern.


cot•tage (kotij),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. a small house, usually of only one story.
  2. a small, modest house at a lake, mountain resort, etc., owned or rented as a vacation home.
  3. one of a group of small, separate houses, as for patients at a hospital, guests at a hotel, or students at a boarding school.
cottaged, adj. 

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